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Easy to arrange, safety compliant and fully insured


If you worry about the cost of running your car, maintaining it, servicing it, getting new tyres or an MOT, then let us help. We come to you to do most things wherever you park your car


We provide mobile car servicing & maintenance. With our technical knowledge and practical mechanic experience, we are able to maintain your vehicle according to your service handbook and beyond


For everything else, we can pick up your car and take it for a new tyre and/or for its MOT inspection at suppliers and/or registered MOT centres we trust

We are not brokers or a platform who 'sell' on your request to a network. This means Rocket Jonny is in our gallery photos. He is our main man who you'll see. (As you can see, he has grown out of his space wellies!)

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Car DIY servicing & maintenance at your home: Fault finding, replacing parts, small repairs, visual brake check, brake pad replacement, visual tyre check, tyre pressure, oil change, filter change, investigate fluid leaks, fluid top ups, battery charged or replaced, fuses checked or replaced, bulb replacement, wipers checked or wiper blade replacement.

New Tyre(s): We can check your tyre pressures and treads at home and/or take your car for a new tyre. This takes the hassle and the worry away about being 'ripped off' or feeling vulnerable at a tyre centre.

Car repair or MOT at a garage or test centre: We can troubleshoot for minor defects BEFORE taking it to a test centre for its annual MOT check. Also, we can take your car for a repair. This takes the hassle and the worry away about being 'ripped off' or feeling vulnerable at a garage.

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