Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are provided to ensure that your journey is as comfortable, hassle free and as safe as possible.

When requesting a booking with us your attention is drawn to these terms in your booking confirmation email. By booking, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions of travel. Your signature on your payment receipt will be requested; however regardless of whether you sign this, these terms apply.



  1. It is a condition of any booking that you have read, understood and accepted all of our terms and conditions. This includes our COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy. These terms are binding to both parties. This means between Mr J P Caswell of Rocket Jonny's Minibus Hire and its drivers (referred to also as your 'Rocket Jonny Captain') and the lead passenger (referred to also as 'Crew Leader' or the person making or named as lead passenger on the booking).

  2. Please request clarification if you are unclear of any of our terms before your booking.

  3. We can not be held responsible for circumstances beyond our control, therefore no absolute guarantee is made on booking, that you will be collected or arrive at your destination at your requested time. However, be assured that we will be doing our very best to ensure that you are. Unfortunately, unforeseen difficulties may occur such as traffic delays, traffic accidents, driver illness & breakdown etc.

  4. Should we encounter a delay, the driver or the office will contact you as soon as possible and advise you of the situation.

  5. On your day of travel, should the driver become concerned about the behaviour of any passenger, then he is trained to complete a risk assessment. This is to determine whether he should proceed or continue with the booking.

  6. Should the driver decide not to proceed, then he will inform you and the office. In these circumstances no refund will be offered. You and your party are required to exit the vehicle and re-arrange alternative transport. No further liability whatsoever will be accepted by Mr J P Caswell or individuals employed directly or indirectly.

  7. Prior to your day of travel, in the event that we are unable to fulfil or complete your booking for any reason (related or unrelated to point 5), we will notify you as soon as possible by phone or email.

  8. If this occurs of the on the day of travel, then we will text the mobile contact number that you gave us at the time of booking. In this circumstance a full refund will be issued. No further liability whatsoever will be accepted by Mr J P Caswell or individuals employed directly or indirectly.

  9. We agree to provide a vehicle and driver to transport the booked number of passengers; no refund will be given if the actual numbers of passengers fall below the number booked. Please note that our largest vehicle seats 16 people only with no standing.

  10. All passengers must arrive at departure and return points PRIOR to the agreed departure time. If your return booking is set to leave at midnight, then you should aim to return to your pick up point before this time. Only if possible, the driver will wait 15 minutes at most for missing members of your group. Your driver will leave without you or members of your party.

  11. Pets can be carried on board by prior agreement. Prior agreement not required for guide or hearing dogs or autism dogs.

  12. The consumption of food or alcohol on vehicles is permitted (except alcohol on the way to sporting events), but please respect the driver and the vehicle interior. A refuse bag provided by your driver.

  13. Should there be any soiling of the vehicle caused by any passenger, the lead passenger will be held responsible for the cost (£80) of professional cleaning and any loss we suffer, due to your minibus being out of service for the next booking that follow yours.

  14. Similarly, we consider it reasonable to impose this amount (£80) as a fine if the driver has reason to believe that any passenger has used containers for urination and/or observes such an item or other items being thrown from the vehicle.

  15. Smoking and the use of banned or dangerous substances on vehicles is illegal & strictly prohibited at all times without exception. (Please refer to Point 5).

  16. As noted in point 5, the driver is trained to complete a risk assessment in relation to his safety, the safety of other passengers and third parties and other road users before and during the journey. He has discretion to refuse passage to any passenger(s) prior to commencement, or at any time during the journey.

  17. If the driver feels any person or persons has or is likely to distract the driver or may interfere with the driving and safety of the vehicle, its passengers or third parties or other road users, the driver may refuse passage by any or all reasonable means at any time.

  18. In the case of a breakdown or an emergency, please cooperate fully with the driver.


Deposit & Payment Terms

  1. No deposit is required to make a booking.

  2. Currently, we accept debit or credit cards.


Cancellation Procedure & Terms

  1. Any cancellation must be made by email, text or by phone.

  2. If you cancel your booking within 3 days of your booking you will be liable for full payment still.

  3. This means that you as the person that booked will receive an invoice for the full amount due. (Failure to pay will be pursued through small claims court).

  4. However, if we are able to re-sell your booking, then you will be liable for only 50% of the full amount of your booking.

  5. If the person that booked failed to cancel the booking and the lead passenger (or someone in their place) does not present themselves at the agreed departure location, date and time, then this is held to be a ‘no show’.

  6. In the event of a ‘no show’ then, the person that booked will receive an invoice for the full amount due. (Failure to pay will be pursued through small claims court).

  7. We can cancel your booking at any time, particularly if unforeseen circumstances arise.



  1. The Law states that all passengers, without exception, must wear their seatbelt where fitted unless there is a valid medical condition which prevents this. Rocket Jonny will not accept liability for passengers who refuse to wear their seatbelt.

  2. All baby and children's seats including booster seats are the responsibility of the parent/guardian and must be fitted by that person, although the driver will assist you in this.

  3. If the driver fits a baby or child seat provided by us, then parents/carers are asked to double check that it is secure before the journey commences.


Travel Insurance

  1. Please ensure that your Travel Insurance covers you in the unlikely event (as items above) that we fail to get you to the airport on time for your departure, you should read your Travel Insurance documents carefully (the small print) if it is not clear you should contact your Travel Insurance company and ask them if you are covered.


Flight Departures – Travel Times

  1. You should ensure that you allow plenty of travelling time to arrive at your airport at your allocated time normally 2 hours (short haul) 4 hours (long haul) before flight departure time.

  2. Please remember there are often lengthy traffic delays during rush hours. We are happy to discuss your collection time with you.

  3. If you wish to leave baby or child seats with us until your return, please advise us before hand & please remember to label them with your Surname the Date, Arrival Time & Flight Number of your return flight.


Flight Arrivals

  1. When requesting your collection time please remember that it will take you at least 30 to 60 minutes sometimes more to clear baggage collection and customs.

  2. Please ensure you remember to turn on your mobile phone (the contact number we request) as the driver may be trying to contact you;

  3. Please remember to text or phone your driver after you have COLLECTED your luggage and your driver will instruct you to exit the terminal building to your pick-up point.


Flight Delays on Arrivals

  1. It is the passenger’s responsibility to contact us as soon as they become aware of any delay & keep us advised of the situation (text message is acceptable).

  2. Please remember that drivers will refer to a live flight arrivals application on their mobile devices and therefore will be aware of your departure time and/or arrival time.

  3. In the unusual circumstance that your flight is delayed, we will do our best to reschedule your collection time accordingly without further inconvenience to you.

  4. However if it is not possible to do that, we will advise you ASAP at what time we are able to collect you and you will have to wait for us or make other arrangements.

  5. If you do make other arrangements, then no refund is offered and we are not liable for the costs of other arrangements made by you.

  6. Neither are we resposnible to make other arrangements for you.

  7. Should you decide not to wait in any event, and make your own way home, we offer no compensation, whatever the circumstance.

  8. In the unusual event that we are not able to wait due to conflict with another booking of ours, we will inform you by text. Unfortunately, as we can not be held responsible for your flight delay we will be unable to refund your payment for the return journey, and you will be required to make alternative return travel arrangements.

  9. If for any reason the relevant application on our mobile devices is not functioning and you have not notified us of a delay, we will endeavor to collect you at the pre-arranged arrival time.

  10. However, if we encounter extra parking fees, waiting time or any additional costs whatsoever due to delays or otherwise, the driver will hand you a receipt for these costs and payment in full will be your responsibility and required before the driver departs on your return journey. Again you should reclaim these costs from your Travel Insurance.


Hen & Stag Travel and trips involving alcohol

  1. The person who placed the booking (or 'Crew Leader') with us should act responsibly and manage the conduct of individuals in your group. However, the driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and passengers on board, so please cooperate.

  2. We will not tolerate violence, verbal abuse or any action that may distract the driver resulting in the driver’s attention being distracted or that which may interfere with the driving and safety of the vehicle, its passengers or third parties.

  3. Whilst we appreciate that alcohol is likely to have been consumed at these types of events, our drivers are fair and reasonable. We certainly have no wish to spoil your day, but we ask you to cooperate with the driver’s requests.

  4. Should there be any soiling of the vehicle caused by any passenger, the person who booked will be held responsible for the cost (£80) of professional cleaning and any loss we suffer, due to the minibus being out of service for the next booking that follow yours.

  5. If your group intends to bring novelty items, balloons, posters etc please discuss this with us before hand. At no time must the driver’s view be obstructed.


Requesting the driver to stop

  1. If you wish the driver to stop for other personal reasons, please inform the driver as soon as you become aware of your requirement to stop.

  2. Please do not ask the driver to pull over on to the hard shoulder or other areas that are not designated for the purpose.

  3. As noted above, the use of containers or bottles is not allowed on the minibus. Please respect this.



  1. If you have luggage please tell us about it at the time of booking.

  2. If your minibus is full with 16 passengers, there may not be room in the vehicle for all your luggage. You may have to wait while the driver returns to base to collect a luggage trailer (if available) this will increase your overall cost & delay you.

  3. Please do not ask drivers to place baggage in the aisle, it is illegal to block walkways & emergency exits on public service vehicles.

  4. Baggage described as small weekend bags or small holdalls is generally considered to be 35 litre baggage (the same criteria as for flight hand luggage).

  5. We can not be held responsible for any luggage placed within the minibus or in the trailer. Your items are placed on the vehicle at your own risk.

  6. If you wish to use our baggage trailer, please request at the time of booking. The dimensions are of a typical 750kg box trailer (Interior Length 2050mm; Interior Width 1220; Interior Height 1220mm)


Loss of & or Damage to Personal Belongings:

  1. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to personal belongings while in transit or otherwise. In any event loss, damage or other, it is the responsibility of the passenger to seek any compensation from their travel or home insurance cover.


Data Protection Act 1984

  1. It is our duty to inform you, that any information provided to Rocket Jonny may be held in our database.

  2. Any information provided is for use only by Rocket Jonny and will not be provided to any other person, persons or third parties.