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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are provided to ensure that services provided to you is as easy, comfortable, hassle free and as safe as possible

When requesting a booking with us your attention is drawn to these terms in your booking confirmation email. By booking, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions

“Conditions” means the standard Conditions of sale of parts and/or services set out in this document together with any special terms agreed in writing between you and us. “Contract” means any contract between us and you for the sale of the Goods and/or Services formed in accordance with Condition 2. “Goods” or “Parts” or “Services” means goods or parts and/or services. “We/Us/Our” means Rocket Jonny Ltd. “You/Your” or “Customer” means the person(s) seeking to employ our services. “Our Agent” means anyone employed or commissioned by the company Rocket Jonny Ltd


  1. It is a condition of any booking that you have read, understood and accepted all of our terms and conditions. This includes our COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy. These terms are binding to both parties. This means between Jonathan Caswell trading as Rocket Jonny Ltd. and the customer

  2. Please request clarification if you are unclear of any of our terms before your booking

  3. Unless varied under any Condition as stated below, the Contract will be upon these Conditions, to the exclusion of all other Conditions

  4. Any quote is valid for a period of 7 days only from its date, provided that we have not previously withdrawn it or changed our price, or any discount you are entitled to in respect of the services and are subject to change due to supplier’s stock levels during the quotation or promotional period

  5. Each acceptance of a quote for services will be deemed upon these Conditions. You must ensure that the terms of your works are complete and accurate. The Contract is formed when the both parties have accepted, by way of a written acknowledgement of service, repairs and/or parts

  6. Customer Not Present (CNP) this is when the customer-owner is not present with their vehicle. This includes but not exclusive to remaining indoors whilst we assess and/or work on your vehicle or when we drive or take your vehicle elsewhere to provide agreed services and/or parts. Customers are asked to communicate instructions to what they expect the company to carry out in relation to their vehicle before we attend the location of your vehicle. The instructions can be written or verbal and/or if relevant, the keys should be left in an agreed location and/or collected by the company and will be carried out as instructed. Any verbal agreement to proceed to provide services to you in relation to your vehicle will be taken as you have accepted our terms and conditions

  7. At times, your instructions might need to be amended depending on fault or repair being carried out. This will be confirmed in person, by text, email or phone call. Waiting time may be added while waiting for your additional instructions. Where no instructions are agreed and/or received if new information is communicated, then this is left to us to determine the next steps in accordance with our risk assessment. You will be advised as to our decisions and actions. This may incur further costs relating to time and/or parts. We will not be liable for any errors or misunderstandings between you or us

  8. Our employees or agents are not authorised to make any representations about any Goods and/or Parts supplied to you from a retail supplier. You acknowledge, by entering into this Contract, that you will not rely on advice of our representative. Failure to follow advice is termed as breach and any said warranty claims will be affected

  9. Once we have commenced to carry out services to your vehicle, you have employed us to carry out these services at the agreed rate until the work is complete. If time is required to go and return with parts or waiting time for parts to be delivered or part being repaired, then you will be advised about this for you to decide next steps

  10. These Conditions may not be varied unless that variation is in writing signed by both you and our authorised representative or by CNP. Agents are not permitted to agree variations to these Conditions unless each such variation is expressly authorised by us

  11. If for any a reason additional work is needed or required to ensure a vehicle operates to a safe standard and this has not been quoted for, then you will be advised. This will include additional time and/or parts or others cost. If you are aware of such at any time before, during or after our involvement with your vehicle, then you must bring it to our attention

  12. Any new or used or second-hand parts supplied by us and fail to work will not, may incur additional charges for extra time needed to replace defective item under the warranty period. This is outlined under ‘Warranty & Repair’

  13. Any new, used or second-hand parts supplied by you will require our inspection. This includes inspection of your receipt(s) of purchase if you have them or alternatively proof of where you sourced them

  14. You are required to accept our assessment if we determine that these parts are insufficient in any way in our view, wrong or not suitable for your vehicle. This may require additional costs to replace these parts supplied by you. There are no guarantees on used or second-hand parts as it is impossible to determine their integrity, quality and/or to determine how long they will last. This will not affect your statutory rights

  15. Any dispute or warranty claim about parts provided by us must be put in writing as soon as possible and sent by email or recorded delivery to the office address. We will respond within 7-14 days to your concerns


Fees & prices

  1. The fees for our services are stated and update on our website. These may vary according to any Condition(s) as stated above   

  2. The price for the parts will be what we paid for them. We never add to these to keep costs down for our customers. Any discounts given to us by our regular suppliers are passed on to our customers

  3. Where good and/or parts have to be specially ordered by us, we may require you to pay a deposit of a reasonable amount determined by us on account of the price as special orders cannot be returned

  4. When giving quotes it may be necessary to change or amend costs for unforeseen additional parts or time needed for delivery and/or collection and/or any time searching in car part suppliers and/or dismantlers to match specific parts

  5. All parts remain property of the company until paid in full


  1. We will invoice you at time of completion. Immediate payment is required. However, you can request an additional 14 days to pay

  2. Cash or BACS payments are preferred because accepting card payments incurs costs to us. Please ensure that you have access to sufficient cash or BACS funds on the day we attend your vehicle

  3. Alternatively, we accept card payments. Paying by card will be charged a percentage of the overall final total. Credit card will be charged between 2.1% for personal card and 2.6% on business cards. Debit cards are charged at £0.50 per transaction

  4. Card payments can be taken without customer present over the phone or by text message, this will be marked as CNP

  5. On day 15, a late payment fee will apply on a daily rate 3% above the bank of England base rate. You will receive two requests as a reminder to pay on day 15 and day 21. Then, the interest stated will be applied to your outstanding balance and further requests incur an admin charge of £25 per communication will be applied to your outstanding balance

  6. Failure to pay the outstanding balance within agreed time will be breach of contract. We always take further action to recover outstanding debts. This may include selling your debt to debts factoring firms

Warranty & Repair

  1. These Conditions do not affect other rights granted by law that cannot be excluded

  2. You accept that there are no regulatory bodies for mechanics qualifications  

  3. Jonathan Caswell is the director of Rocket Jonny Ltd. He offers mobile car servicing and maintenance. His vehicle, technical and practical knowledge is self-taught and based on information provided in vehicle service handbooks. His continuing professional development consists of practical experience and independent research. His services are fully insured under motor trade insurance including public liability

  4. As part of these services, Jonathan Caswell has built trusted relationships with a range of agents who are also fully insured under motor trade insurance including public liability. These include tyres suppliers and fitters and/or garages registered as MOT inspection centres

  5. This warranty refers to new, used or second-hand parts supplied by us or labour provided by us and/or our agents

  6. No warranty will be given on new, used or second-hand parts provide by the customer or labour provided by the customer

  7. No warranty will be given on parts or labour where the customer, defaults or fails to pay invoice in full or within agreed timescale

  8. Warranty on new parts or repaired items vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. All Goods carry a warranty in respect of defects due to defective occurred in manufacturing this will be advised to you at the time of purchase and/or supply to you

  9. You must contact us before any repairs are carried out by any third party, first by email or telephone and then in writing within 5 days from date of said failure. All correspondence must be sent to us by email or recorded delivery

  10. We are not liable for additional costs incurred by you requesting a third party to inspect parts provided by us or our work and/or to carry out additional work on your vehicle

  11. The defect or failure must be confirmed by us by our assessment, or on our request, by a diagnosis service provided by our agent. This may require us to transport your vehicle at our cost and convenience

  12. Where you raise a valid complaint in our view, we will offer to put things right. This may include replacing the parts and/or repairing any defective works

  13. This obligation will not apply where: It is found that the parts have been improperly interfered with or altered in any way whatsoever, or have been subject to misuse or unauthorised repair; any maintenance requirements have not been complied with; any instructions as to storage of the parts have not been complied with in all respects; or you have failed to notify us of any problem or suspected problem in accordance with any other Condition

  14. Otherwise, you must have written permission by us to have your vehicle inspected and/or repaired. We reserve the right to repair vehicle ourselves or recommend an authorised repairer

  15. The company will take care that the new parts fitted are that of a standard that will be suitable for its purpose and will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This is subject to their warranty procedure

  16. Whilst every effort is made by us to ensure supplied goods are of a quality fitting its purpose, in the event of any defect being discovered within the guarantee period, you agree to abide by warranty procedure this will vary on parts fitted

  17. You may be asked to pay for replacement parts and then reimbursed when the fault or defect is confirmed to be a manufacture’s defect. If it is found to be not to be a manufacture’s defect, you will be liable for labour costs as well

  18. If a warranty claim is found to be made falsely and/or we find that something else has failed, then you may be liable for additional costs


  1. The following provisions and the provisions of the warranty in Condition 5 set out the entire liability of us (including any liability for the acts or omissions or our agents) to you in respect of: Any breach of these Conditions or advice given and not taken will invalidate any warranty claim; Any representation, statement or omission including negligence arising under or in connection with the Contract

  2. Nothing in these Conditions excludes or limits our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation

  3. Subject only to Condition 6.2 above, we will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any default which is due to any act of God, war, strike, lock out, industrial action, fire, flood or any event beyond our reasonable control

  4. Welding will be carried out to MOT standards. Due to the nature of welding and grinding no liability will be held against the operator or the company for: sparks, burns from welding; or grinding sparks

  5. Due to the nature of electrical faults, we can only give advised to what might be the cause (Component – Wiring – ECU). A full diagnostics inspection may be required. If you request the component to be changed without a full inspection, we cannot be held liable if this does not correct fault and once part is fitted, we cannot take part back it is fitted and will be charged for

  6. We will not accept any liability were, you have not taken our advice or warnings in writing or given verbally at time of inspection

  7. We do not accept liability where any visual checks carried out. Visual inspections are only applicable at time of inspection and do not guarantee safety of your vehicle

  8. You must inform us within 5 days of noticing anything that we might be liable for. We will do our best to put right anything that we are liable for. If we are not at fault, you will be charged at an hourly rate and any parts fitted by us

  9. We will not accept any liability where any parts or work done by us are tampered with by a third party without notice to us

  10. We reserve the right to correct any errors and omissions in invoices and in any other documents, no liability arising out of any such error or omission will be accepted


  1. If you wish to cancel the contract you must do this in writing by text or email 24 hours before the date and time of our appointment. You will only be liable for labour and parts incurred to this point

  2. In the event of a ‘no show’ meaning that the person who booked or their representative and/or their vehicle is not at the address given and attended, then the person that booked will receive an invoice for any costs incurred relating to time or parts

  3. We can cancel your booking at any time, particularly if unforeseen circumstances arise


Loss of or Damage to Personal Belongings

  1. We accept no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to personal belongings left in your vehicle whilst in transit or otherwise. In any event loss, damage or other, it is the responsibility of the customer to seek any resolution from their motor or home insurance cover


Data Protection Act 1984

  1. It is our duty to inform you, that any information provided to Rocket Jonny may be held in our database

  2. Any information provided is for use only by Rocket Jonny and will not be provided to any other person, persons or third parties

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