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Why choose us for Car Servicing & Maintenance?


  • You will have access to an affordable, trustworthy, skilled, safe car DIY maintenance service

  • We help you keep your vehicles running without you having to go to a garage or MOT test centre (we can do that for you!)


  • You can pay your Rocket Jonny Captain in cash or by card ​

this is how

Jonny Caswell the owner of 'Rocket Jonny's Minibus Hire' looked in 1976 ...

Umm ... nice space wellies!


Our car DIY maintenance services are:


Affordable, trustworthy, skilled and safe

Keeping your vehicles running smoothly with repairs, routine maintenance and tips

Public liability insured against injury & property damage


We offer value for money and flexibility


These Terms and Conditions are provided to ensure that your request is completed hassle free


And as safe as possible


Welcome to Rocket Jonny's 'Do it' Service

Book car servicing & maintenance services in Bristol or South Wales. Ideal for all your car needs. Keeping your vehicles running smoothly with repairs, routine maintenance and tips. 

This is a friendly, family run business with trustworthy, skilled, safe services at an affordable price.



Based in Bristol & South Wales


Call us: 01454 527 007

Text us: 07866 242 400

Email us:

Rocket Jonny Ground Control has received your message!

Handyman Services Bristol Cardiff

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